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Ultrasound Painting of Brenden TapiaOne of the most exciting moments for a new mother is seeing her child for the first time. What better way to preserve all of the anticipation and joy of this special moment, than to turn it into a beautiful piece of artwork for mother and baby to treasure for the rest of their lives.

The original sonogram image is used to create the paintingOften sonogram images just get stored in a box or old photo album, where the image and magic of the moment are forgotten. But now, with Ultrasound Paintings, there is a great way to preserve and treasure that magnificent moment forever.

No two Ultrasound Paintings are the same. Ultrasound Paintings are enlarged sonograms of YOUR baby that have been overlaid and enhanced with beautiful opaque and metallic oil sticks.


The Process:



The original ultrasound image is reproduced, then enlarged and handpainted in high quality handmade oil pigments. Each piece is unique and customized to suit your decor. Once the painting is complete it is sealed with a high gloss varnish.

Four color schemes are offered: Bright, Boy, Girl and Earthtones. However, since each piece is unique, special color schemes can be created to meet your décor. Click here to order!




Color palettes offered for Ultrasound Paintings

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